June 30, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

So my companion and I had a great week this week! We found some new people to teach, and one of our investigators, Lydia wants to be baptized! She’s so great. I’m going to miss her. 

So this Sunday, was awesome. Before sacrament meeting, the four missionaries in our ward, hold the doors to the building open and greet people, which is pretty common for missionaries to do. It’s a lot of fun, because we get to meet new people. As we were in the process of shaking people’s hands - Elder Seagmiller pulls out his handkerchief and wipes some bird poop off his hand. I said "woah that's gross! How did you get bird poop on your hand?!"

He turned to me and said, "the same way you got bird poop on your hand”...sure enough... I look down, and there’s some poop on my hand. I guess one of the people we shook hands with, had some on their hand and contaminated us. Gross. Needless to say, we took a field trip to the bathroom. 

Also this week, i got a call from the mission president. President Meredith. He said - "Elder Allison. I have an assignment for you. This next transfer I’m moving you to the peninsula. You will be serving in San Bruno, in the Crystal Springs 1st ward."  When he said that, i was like yesss!! And i did a little dance.

And then he said "also, you are going to be training a new missionary from the MTC" - and in my mind i was like, oh no, that's a lot of responsibility. And then President said "also, you are going to be the district leader over that district." My heart had basically stopped at this point. All i could say was "yes President, i will go and do."

I’m scared out of my mind about having to lead a district with a companion strait from the MTC. But i know that it’s the lord, who has called me to do these hard things, and he will provide a way for me to accomplish these assignments. 

Check out my dreamy companion playing guitar. I hope everyone has an awesome week!!!!

Elder Allison

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