July 7, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hi Everyone! I'm here in San Bruno now, and I LOVE IT!

My new companion is Elder Rhees. He’s pretty cool. He is from South Jordan Utah, and he has mad piano and guitar skillz. I picked him up on Wednesday night - he’s here straight from the MTC. – He’s humble – he’s eager to learn - and he is going to be an amazing missionary. I’m so excited to see what is in store for us in the next six weeks!
Crystal Springs Ward Building in San Bruno, CA

Between new missionary training, new leader training, and some other meetings, we had literally just a couple hours this week to actually go out and do regular missionary work. It’s okay though, we have 2 investigators, and there awesome. One of them, Kenny, called us today, and he said "wow guys, church yesterday was amazing. Something just kept coming over me and making me tear up. I feel like this church is where i need to be." Kenny is so in tune with the spirit, and it’s awesome.

Also, fast and testimony meeting yesterday really was amazing. I love listening to people get up and share their personal witness of Jesus Christ, and how their lives have been effected by exercising faith in Him. I decided to get up and share my testimony, and I started crying. That was so embarrassing. And President Meredith was there too. Sorry Allison family,  the ward that we moved out of in CA thinks I’m a cry baby.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!!

Elder Allison

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