Farewell Talk

Farewell Talk given in the Platte Woods Ward on Sunday January 26, 2014

good morning brothers and sisters

for those of you who don't know me, my name is joey Allison. if you don't know me already, then there's probably no point, because I'm leaving on my mission soon. I've been called to the California Oakland/San Francisco mission. I am excited to have the privilege to teach the people in California

I have been asked, as my "farewell talk" to speak on missionary work haha

my favorite story in the book of Mormon, is the story of Ammon. he is an awesome example of a missionary, and teaches and inspires me in many aspects of my life
Ammon, and his brothers. after repenting, and ministering to the people in the church, decide to go on a mission to teach to the lamenites.

alma 17:2-3
how did ammon, and the sons of mosiah prepare to teach the lamenites?
they searched the scriptures diligently that they knew the word of god, and they gave themselves to much prayed and fasting so that they had the spirit of prophesy, and revelation. so they could teach with power and authority.

again, they fasted and prayed. and they were specific
are you specific in your prayers?

preach my gospel p.95

now what happened was..

ammons got issues. his fellow servants are murmuring, the lamenites want to kill him. the kings going to kill him.
just like all of us, we will be faced with opposition. but remember, what did the lord tell ammon.
be comforted. be patient in long suffering. be a good example

ammon is excited! these people are humble and prepared.
ammon has faith.

preach my gospel p.116
ammons faith led to action. he defended the flocks and slayed his enemies.
brothers and sisters, we may not have to cut off any arms, but our faith needs to lead to repentance, baptism, obedience, service, reading our scriptures, going to church. faith is an action. you don't have faith, unless your bustin your butt.

ammon is still working!
brothers and sisters do you remember all of heavenly fathers commandments?
if your going to be a missionary, and teach the gospel, shouldn't you already be practicing what your preaching?

limoni trusts ammon, because he served him.

personal story - do you love god?

ammon teaches limoni the gospel

ammon glorifies god. his power is a result of his faith, which is in god.

lamoni believes, and because he has faith, he is repentant.

and he faints
ammon lets the lord speak to lamoni


ammon stays with lamoni, his new member

Gordon B. Hinckley stated: Brothers and sisters, all of you out in the wards and stakes and in the districts and branches, I invite you to become a vast army with enthusiasm for this work and a great overarching desire to assist the missionaries in the tremendous responsibility they have to carry the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. “The field is white [and] ready to harvest” (D&C 4:4). The Lord has repeatedly declared this. Shall we not take Him at His word?

Before the Church was organized, there was missionary work. It has continued ever since, notwithstanding the difficulties of many of the seasons through which our people have passed. Let us, every one, resolve within ourselves to arise to a new opportunity, a new sense of responsibility, a new shouldering of obligation to assist our Father in Heaven in His glorious work of bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of His sons and daughters throughout the earth.

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