July 14, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey everyone, how’s it goin?

My companion and I are doing awesome. Elder Rhees is the best. He studies hard, works hard, sleeps hard... and, he can cook ;)  So not a lot of time to write today. I want to share a quick story.

We moved into our apartment two weeks ago, and the first time we took showers, we realized - there's no shower head. Just a nozzle sticking out of the wall that shoots the water out at ludicrous speed... It’s kind of painful to shower. 

I’ll be honest, I was a little stressed out already, and I was kind of upset that the last missionaries in our apartment broke the shower head, and now we have to endure. Painful showers. 

As I was thinking about how upset I was, and what we could to fix the shower head, my companion, Elder Rhees stepped out of the bathroom and said "wow! There’s a lot of water pressure - It’s really good for washing your armpits!" 

I laughed my head off, and thought -I need to repent... Thank you Elder Rhees, for your example of Christ like positivity. I learned this week, to never underestimate the gift of joy.

I feel that one of the ways we experience the gift of joy, is by truly recognizing the Lord’s hand in all things - especially the little things. When we really have gratitude, we understand that the Lord gives us trials, because he loves us, and we are grateful and submissive to those trials, because we love him. 

I'm so grateful that our shower head is broken. My armpits are cleaner than they have ever been.

Check it out - this is President and Sister Meredith, and Elder Rhees and me!

 I love this sign. I want one. Hey mom, do you recognize this place? This is where
                             we went to school in California at Allen Elementary.

I got to eat dinner with the Vranes family. My dad grew up in their ward!

Elder Allison

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