March 3, 2014 Letter

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm in california!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the weather here is awesome. except it rains alot. well not really i guess tho.

i think when your a missionary time slows down. i keep thinking to myself, woah. did i really get dropped off at the MTC 3 weeks ago. back at home it would just be 3 normal weeks. but i feel like I've been in missionary land for 3 months lol. I'm not complaining tho. being a missionary is the best thing ever. I've learned so much, and you wont believe how much you can grow in just 3 weeks. I dont ever want to go home. i wish i could be a missionary forever.

i have been assigned to the pleasant hill 2nd ward. which is in the Concord zone, just on the other side of the hills, inland, from Oakland. its a pretty nice place here. compared to the rest of the mission i guess. we've only been yelled at 3 times. and it was by people in cars driving by. so we couldn't even here what they were saying. i hope it was something nice about the church.

the missionary work in this area i think is struggling a little bit. they transferred out both missionaries, and transferred in my trainer and i. its kind of funny, because were both on the same page when it comes to knowing the names of the members, and how to get around the area. but hes on like a different spiritual level then i am tho. hes like Batman, and I'm like Robin. (spiritually speaking) haha.

we have a grand total of 2 investigators. and their a couple. so i think you could really count that as 1. so we've got a lot of time on our hands. we spend most of it "street contacting" people, and visiting less active members. which is really good too. but some of them are very active and go to church... cant really trust the list.

so in the cars that they give to the missionaries. you have only a certain number of miles you are allowed to travel per month. my companion and i however, are blessed. because we have unlimited miles. as many as you can pedal. and, we don't have to change oil. and! we get super buff thighs!

anyways. my experience as a missionary has been awesome.

i know the lord knows what he's doing. and he put my companion and i together for a reason in this area. i believe in god. i believe he can do all things. i believe he is a god of miracles. i know that if you work hard. then god will bless you. (too easy)

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