Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17 Letter

Hi everybody!!

this last week has been awesome. pretty much all of our appointments fell through, and we had nobody to teach. so my comp and I decided that we would just ride our bikes around until we found somebody. - we handed out a few pass along cards, but nobody seemed interested. we did this for a few days this week, trying to contact previous investigators, and potential investigators our of or area book.

on Thursday we got a call from the ward mission leader. he said - hey, theirs 2 people I work with who might be interested in the church. I know your schedule, so I set up an appointment with them in an hour. haha.

their names are Dakota, and Duwana. they just got married, and they are looking for a church that they can go to, as sort of a foundation for their marriage, and for their 2 year old son. we taught them lesson 1 on Thursday, they came with us to the visitor center by the temple on Friday. and they were at church yesterday. they want to be baptized, and have committed to quitting smoking, and keeping the word of wisdom.

I am so excited for them! their going to be so happy. the gospel of Jesus Christ has already begun injecting miracles into their lives!

the thing I learned this week, is that if you work hard. you will be blessed. we spent a majority of our time this week, bustin our butts trying to find people. and literally talking to everybody we saw - and found nobody who was interested by our own efforts. but we showed the lord our faith. our commitment, and long suffering toward HIS work. and he blessed us with people to teach. he took our best efforts. our insignificant, feeble, unworthy - but our best, efforts. and saved two souls this week. on april 5th, Dakota and Duwana will be baptized. and enter into the gate that will lead them to peace in this life, and exaltation in the life to come. a path that will take them to the temple. where they can be sealed as a family, and live together forever.

another miracle happened this week. Saturday night we get a call from our ward mission leader. who was very sick. he asked us, if it were possible, if we could come over and give him a blessing. (it was perfect timing, because the appointment we had fell through) we went over to his house, and he asked if my comp would do the anointing, and if I would give him a blessing.

the spirit directed me to give a beautiful blessing of comfort, of strength, and of healing.

yesterday at church he came up to us, and was like elders! guess what! you healed me lastnight. about 2 hours after you blessed me, my fever broke. and i felt great.

it was awesome!! because we were worthy to hold the priesthood, and because we had faith. god healed him :) it was great.

no more time to write. but look at this cool picture.

Elder Allison

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