My definition of a true christian

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hey everybody!
What a great week. We got to go to the temple, we did a missionary exchange, and I got to work with other missionaries in the zone, and we found some more people who are - thirsty - for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
I don’t have lots of time this week to write. But here is what’s important. We had the opportunity to teach a girl with a crippling disease in a wheelchair this week. And at the end of our discussion we asked her to pray.

As she prayed, that familiar, massive feeling of love filled our hearts. Because she didn’t ask for a single blessing for herself. Her entire prayer - which was said in broken speech because of her illness - was not for blessings, but that her, and us, can be a blessing, to those, whose suffering is obviously much less then hers. There is my definition of a true Christian.
I want you all reading this to watch - and share this Mormon message. I think it’s my new favorite.
Also here’s some pictures from this week

Oh yeah - the best district, at the temple!
                                          some of our favorite people ever!
Have a great week everyone!!!
Love Elder Allison

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