September 16, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hey everybody! Quick story this week

So we were standing at this bus stop in downtown San Francisco, and this woman came over and sat down on the bench next to us. She looked a little dirty, and she was carrying this dirty bag. And she was shaking a little bit, like she was on drugs, or realllllly stressed out. It’s pretty common to see people like this, especially in the area we were in. 

She looked over and saw our missionary name tags, and she said "hey, can I ask you a religious question" and of course were like - absolutely, hey do you want to be baptized? LOL, just kidding. Were like - "yeah what’s your question" and she said - "is it a sin to commit suicide?" 

I said "wow that’s a great question" and i looked at my companions and said "what do you think guys?" - We didn’t know what to say, it was really awkward - because the bus we were waiting for goes up to the golden gate bridge. But we had the spirit, so we looked at the woman, her name was Erica, and said "what do you think Erica? Is it a sin to take your own life?" 

We had an awesome quick conversation about the gospel. It was so good, the spirit touched her strongly. She got up off the bench and picked up her bag, and said "you guys have inspired me - I’m going to go and take back all these things I stole." and then she walked away. 

It was so crazy. I was scared - for her life. But then when she told us she was going to turn her life around, I was so relieved. And the best part was, we didn’t really say much. The Holy Ghost told her everything she needed to hear. She looked like she was in a tough place, but I know God loves her and has a perfect plan for her. 

It’s so true. Faith in Jesus Christ leads to repentance, and change for the good.

Have a great week everyone! If you feel like jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, then be like Erica. Take back all those things you stole, give Jesus all your sins. And you’ll feel better.

Love you guys

Elder Allison

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