June 16, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hi everyone!  Elder Yu and I had a great week! 

California is so weird. Well I guess everywhere can be weird, but weird stuff happens way too often here. We were stopped at a stop light the other day, and on the corner this man and woman were fighting. Which is pretty common, it’s not really that big of a deal. But all of a sudden out of nowhere, the woman says to the man, 'okay you wanna see my [butt], well here you go!' She didn’t hesitate. She mooned the whole intersection. 

Welcome to California.

So this week some members took us out to a Korean barbecue. It was the best food I’ve had in Oakland! It was so good. Kind of funny though, because you have to cook your own food. Regardless, it was all you can eat, and it was divine. On the menu I saw that they had baby octopus. So I said yes, bring me out some of those! Sure enough they brought out some baby octopuses on a little plate. We cooked them up and ate them. They're really chewy and tenticaly in your mouth. I don't think it’s something id eat because I’m hungry. Just for fun.

Anyways, Elder Yu and I kind of had a bad week this week. We weren't really teaching very many people, and we couldn't find anyone who wanted to hear us out. We decided we would be so obedient, and have so much faith in Jesus Christ, that he would have to bless us. So just like Joseph Smith in the sacred grove - when satin came to destroy us, we just kept on praying - and the lord blessed us with a miracle. The latter half of this week - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The lord blessed us to be able to teach and add seven new investigators to our teaching pool. I feel honored that the lord trusts enough to be able to teach so many of his children. The church is true, and it’s the best.

Elder Allison

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