Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014  Happy Easter Everybody!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter, and was able to go to church and spend time with family and celebrate the Savior's resurrection. What an awesome holiday. I don't think I really understood the true meaning of Easter until two years ago when my family lost one of our most beloved members. A son, a brother, a cousin, a father, and a friend. his death didn't come as a surprise, but it invoked some of the most powerful feelings of grief, remorse, regret, and pain to the soul - of those he served, and those who called him their friend.

Because of Jesus Christ - my father will live again. Because of him, we will all live again. I don't look back with anger, or sorrow, or grief. Because this life is short. We will be reunited one day - as sons, brothers, cousins, fathers, and friends. Because Jesus Christ lives.

The tomb is empty. He was crucified and died on the cross - and on the third day rose again. We come together once a year as families and friends, to celebrate the most important act in all of human history. The atonement, death, and resurrection of Christ. The act that literally saves us - from death, and from our sins. Because of Christ, weaknesses become strengths, fear becomes faith, and hate becomes love.

Many people in the world believe in Jesus Christ, they believe in the resurrection, and the atonement, and that Jesus is the savior of the world. But they do not understand how personal the atonement is, and how personally Christ loves them. They say that there is no hope for them. That their sins are too great to bear - that they have dug a hole too deep to ever climb out of. They believe that no force in heaven or earth can changes the desires of their hearts.

Seeing family, friends, and the people I serve - and being a victim of this attitude at one time myself - I stand as a witness that Christ can change our natures. He can take the stony cold heart out of our chests, and replace it with His spirit. The atonement of Christ can make us the best that we can be. And then He can make our best better. In the same way he healed the sick, let the blind see and the deaf hear - he can heal our souls. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope and healing.

If you haven't seen the video the church put out for Easter. Then watch it. It’s amazing.And if you have seen it, then watch it again, and share it with someone who's having a bad day.

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