May 13, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hi friends!

This week was great! A lot happened, we had interviews with the president, district leadership council, zone teaching, temple, and, at the end of this week, and we have transfer calls! I'll be honest - it’s a little scary. I want to stay, I love these people here in Pleasant Hill. But, wherever the lord wants me, i will go and do. 

So this week, we had a pretty fun adventure. Charley, one of our investigators, is progressing super awesomely. His girlfriend Alana was sick, so we had a lesson with just him. It was cool, we took him out to a baseball field, and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ with walking around all the bases. It was a lot of fun! It was kind of a tough lesson though. I don't know if Charley’s been talking to somebody or just curious or what, but he brought up everything. Homosexuality, abortion, the word of wisdom, repentance, addictions. Everything that people get "stuck" on. Things I've noticed, that some people just can’t get past. It makes me so sad when people have these concerns, questions, reasons, doubts, or crutches - without understanding God and his plan for us. I have met many people that limit their potential, because they can’t get past their "reasons", and let god's love into their lives.

That is the reason why Charley is progressing so quickly and rapidly in the gospel. He knows who God is. He knows God can do all things. He knows God answers prayers. He knows what Jesus Christ did for him. And he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of god. 

Fortunately, the spirit was with Elder Irvine and me, and with a little conversation and a few scriptures, Charley dipped into his testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, and resolved all of his own concerns. 

If you know that Jesus Christ himself leads this church, then nothing else matters. You can forget about all the "reasons" you have for not being converted to him, because those reasons come from down here on earth. My love, and my faith, and my reasons for following Christ come from up above in heaven. If God told me to jump off a cliff - heck yeah I’d do it. Because I love him, and I know he loves me, and I know his plan is for me to be happy. I might not understand everything he does for me or asks me to do, but I know that everything I have is because of him. 

In Charley's words, "if you've felt what I've felt, then you wouldn't have any questions."

Everyone have a great week! I miss you all!

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